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#1: Daily Live Workshops

April 10, 13-18

Join the Kick-Off on Friday, April 10! Then, from starting up again on Monday, April 13, you'll get access to a fun and inspiring live 2-hour session daily. Click to view the full schedule.

#2: Daily Happy Hours

April 10, 13 - 18

You're invited to collaborate on daily Happy Hour videocalls. Share positivity, tips, ideas and support in the group and in breakout rooms. Let's create the world we want, together!


#3: Coronavirus Special 

April 11: Author Interview + Q&A

Please join us for a timely and important live interview with Nancy K. Bristow, historian and author of American Pandemic: The Lost Worlds of the 1918 Influenza Epidemic. Tune in as we explore the 1918 epidemic, and vital lessons for the unfolding crises of climate change and the coronavirus pandemic.




#4: Green Team Cafe



Keep the discussion going with eco-minded invididuals from around the world in the Green Team Cafe! 


#5: Participate in UN75


Registrants of the Earth Week Summit are invited to  participate in a global conversation about creating the world we want. Your input will be presented to the UN 75th General Assembly and other key decision-makers.


Green Team Academy is partnering with UNA-Boulder to bring this opportunity to you!


#6: 2019 Highlights

Only for Early Registrants 


Register by April 8 to get a 48-hour pass to catch some of the 2019 Summit highlights. Check out last year's gems to whet your whistle while you're waiting! 

Meet Your Host

Joan Gregerson, Eco-Nut

See you inside the Summit,

Joan Gregerson

Founder, Green Team Academy


We are living through unprecedented global disruption and uncertainty. But, here's one thing that's not uncertain. We know that what we do right now in this precious moment in human history matters a lot!


I'm hosting the 2nd Annual Online Earth Week Summit, Creating the World We Want to bring you an opportunity to be part of seizing this rare opportunity to define a "new normal". 


I look forward to spending time with you during our live workshops and happy hours, and in the Green Team Cafe! I can't wait to hear what you're working on and how together we can create the world we want. 


Why am I so passionate about bringing people together?


With over two decades working in the field of energy engineering and sustainability, I thought that I knew how to make a positive impact for the planet. But, what I saw was that many of my efforts didn't result in the impact I'd hoped for. I didn't realize it then, but the problem was that we were focusing on equipment rather than people.


After 'accidentally' starting an environmental non-profit and a neighborhood green team, I began to see that when we build community, we can do anything! (And when we don't, anything can fail.)


I started the Green Team Academy in 2018 to research and distill best practices for making a big impact quickly. I host a podcast, offer online courses, coaching and training to help people figure out how to start a team to supercharge their impact quickly.


Joan is the author of several books, including the June 2020 release of 

Climate Action Breakthrough:

Creating the World We Want, One Team at a Time 




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