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Session Overview

To mark its 75th anniversary in 2020, the United Nations has launched the biggest-ever global conversation on the role of global cooperation in building the future we want.

Each UN75 global consultation will ask civilians to answer some questions, share their opinion and ideas for solutions. The three major questions focused on are
1. If you picture the world you want in 25 years, what three things would you most want to see?
2. Which global trends do you think will most affect our future?
3. What solutions do you think the United Nations should be working on? What solutions do you want to work on?

The data collected via this survey will be reviewed and taken into consideration in the 2020 75th United Nations General Assembly. By answering questions about your personal demographics we are also able to analyze answers by state and zip code, allowing this data to become impactful for local and regional analysis.

Let your voice be heard and help shape our future together!

Speaker Bio

Zuza Bohley was born and raised in former East Germany during the Cold War, into a family of Pacifists. Her name was Suse but when she was “sold” as a political prisoner to West Germany at age 14 it was changed to Susanne. She now uses Zuza to make it easier for English speakers to pronounce her name correctly. Zuza explains that “political prisoners” were traded for currency to stimulate the East German economy—she was traded for 50,000 Deutsche Marks. With the help of Amnesty International, the family was on the list to be traded and they were transferred to West Berlin.

Zuza received her college degree from the Free University in Berlin, in Germanic languages, philosophy, and art history. She was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to study linguistics and anthropology at the University of Texas in Austin. Zuza received a master’s degree in 1988 and moved to Boulder, Colorado in 1990. With her skill in several languages (she studied 16 different languages), she speaks daily German, English and Spanish. Zuza has taught for more than 29 years in private and bilingual schools, while also volunteering in numerous Colorado nonprofits including Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, Intercambio de Comunidades, Friendship City Projects, the Parent Engagement Network, Boulder Sister City Alliance, and the United Nations Association.

From 2014- 2016 she was elected to be the regional representative for the United Nations Association of the Rocky Mountain region. She currently is the Advocacy Lead for the United Nations association of Boulder County with focus on UN Women, Sustainability and Education. For the past six years, she has worked with the local non-profit Americas for the Conservation + the Arts as educational director and deputy director. In her role as deputy director for USA operations, Zuza has partnered and collaborated with multiple institutions, agencies and non-profits as well as grassroots community groups and schools. As education director she has focused on building and growing the intergenerational family program Promotores Verdes, grow authentic leadership for low income and culturally diverse families and youth.

Aside from her commitment to the United Nations and Americas for Conservation + the Arts, she is the chair for the Boulder Sister City Alliance, a convener of the Women’s Collaborative of Boulder County, sits on multiple boards of directors and committees that further diversity and inclusion and support sustainable community development. She has engaged and mentored many high school, college and graduate students to reach their full potential, applying their passions and talents and eagerly connects people to career opportunities in multiple sectors, advancing diversity, inclusion, equity and a viable future for ALL.

Zuza is passionate about nature and forest therapy and will receive her international certification as a nature and forest therapy guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy in May 2020. She practices nature and forest therapy (forest bathing) daily and considers this practice essential for creating sustainable and viable solutions that embrace nature centered consciousness referred to as “earth dreaming”.

Zuza’s interests focus on community outreach & empowerment, equity and inclusion as well as cross-cultural literacy. She particularly enjoys bringing together diverse communities and working with youth and families. Zuza is married to a Mexican native, has two grown children and is a proud grandma.


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