Grounded Voices

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Nature inspires artist inspiring them to solidify knowledge through their artistry. It has helped maintained our indigenous connections of working with the land. Art can champion causes for nature solidifying movements through artistry. It has maintained the community connections of working in our own communities. These two often share methodologies and philosophies developing our results and impacts symbiotically which we will learn from.


Franklin Cruz is a queer latin poet born in Idaho, raised in Texas and polished in Denver. Born from an immigrant family he works at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science as an educator performer, is an MC and dances. A Tedx Mile High performer, Franklin has taught and performed throughout the southwest, Peru, Puerto Rico for universities and environmental leadership camps and had poetry in the Denver Art Museum. His work encompasses self love, immigration, culture, nature and more.

Franklin always aims to address intersectional liberation, confronting our complicity to privilege and oppression and the pressing lesson of specificity oversimplicity.



Instagram: @fcruz_unido



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