Decolonizing and Redefining Our Relationship with Food


Mo' Betta Green MarketPlace & Seeds of Power Unity Farm

Session & Speaker Overview


Beverly Grant traces her big “aha moment” to watching the movie Food, Inc. The movie awakened her interest in simple but profound questions about where our food is coming from, what is being done to it, and why do some communities have little or no access to nutritious foods.


In 2011, Beverly launched Mo’ Betta Green MarketPlace to provide a powerful alternative to the “food deserts” and “food swamps” in Northeast Denver, Colorado. Now with two locations, the seasonal farmers markets provide fresh, heirloom vegetables, demos of food preparation, environmental resources and neighborhood arts and culture. 


Beverly attributes the continued strength of the markets to “community weaving”, a strategic approach for relationship building and mission alignment. This approach means that markets are tailored for the communities they serve,  to directly address the need for fresh food access, nutritional/culinary education, and active living options.


In this session, we’ll also talk about Reese Grant-Cobb, Beverly’s son, and the Random Gestures of Compassion movement that was formed to honor his legacy.


Beverly is also host of the KGNU Radio biweekly show, On the HEAL, Tip for Healthy Eating Active Living.



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