Is this The Great Turning?


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What is happening in this moment on Planet Earth?


Right now, approximately one-third of the human population is on lockdown due to the spread of the novel coronavirus. This pandemic is changing life is some way for nearly every person on the planet in a matter of days and weeks. 


With beliefs, systems and economies crashing, with human suffering and struggle soaring, is there anything else happening here? 


The silver lining may be that when our normal routines are smashed to smithereens, we have a rare opportunity to rebuild our lives and our world for a "new normal". 


So, what will it be? More of the same prior to the pandemic or is this an opening? 


Throughout the Summit, we'll be asking presenters and participants to tell us their take. Is this ""The Great Turning", as it's called by Joanna Macy and other spiritual ecologists. 


Or will the same forces that have disconnected us from living in peace and harmony insert themselves again, with even more dire situations bound to come?


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Joan Gregerson is an Eco-Nut. As founder of the Green Team Academy, she helps people get together, make a difference and feel better. 


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