Understanding and Protecting our Watersheds


Colorado Watershed Assembly

Session & Speaker Overview

Are you wondering how you can help ensure clean, viable watersheds for the future? Join Mallory Hiss with Colorado Water Assembly (CWA) and find out how!


CWA encourages informed civic engagement through and conversations about our water future to these workshops. As the present becomes the future, how will our human population adapt to live within the limits of earth's natural resources?

CWA connects the dots between water quality and water quantity to create a forum, where people can understand water resources in their community. The nine basin roundtables (RTs) champion Colorado's Water Plan, and the RT PEPO (Public Education, Participation, and Outreach) committees provide accurate and consistent background knowledge to water users and encourage informed participation in the stakeholder conversation.


CWA matches local water groups with resources, so people can protect their water future. The Healthy Rivers Fund is a tax check-off program--and so much more--that combines funds and distributes grants to around eight healthy rivers projects each year.


We citizens can share what we understand, ask questions to gain clarity, donate a portion of our income tax refunds, get to know the water organizations in our communities, and recreate (have fun) to meet the vision of our future with high-quality and sustained watersheds.


Tune in to this session to find out how to meet the vision of a future with high-quality and sustained watersheds in Colorado, or in your community!


Mallory Hiss was raised in Memphis, Tennessee, and attended the University of Arkansas to study animal science. She moved to Denver in pursuit of a career in wildlife conservation and found a passion for environmental education through two seasons with Colorado Parks and Wildlife (2016-2017).


In 2018, Mallory joined the Colorado Watershed Assembly. As Program Assistant, Mallory assists with communications and the administration of the Chatfield Watershed Authority. She and supports public education, participation, and outreach for the Metro and South Platte Basin Roundtables. This certified interpretive guide’s favorite responsibility is leading young minds along the Cherry Creek Trail behind the 17 Mile House with Cherry Creek Stewardship Partners.


Environmental stewardship is one of her highest personal values, and she feels her life's purpose on this planet is protecting and improving biodiversity.




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