Protecting Oceans from a Mile High


Inland Ocean Coalition

Session & Speaker Overview

The Inland Ocean Coalition is a nonprofit that is actively bringing awareness of ocean and water conservation to the forefront of landlocked communities. With an understanding that we are ultimately all connected, the IOC engages people to activate their friends, neighbors, and representatives in this joint mission. This unique concept grew into a nonprofit. 


In this session, Melissa Jung will share about IOC's programs that target systemic change, and discuss ways that each person can be an advocate for healthier water systems around the world.

Melissa recently moved to Colorado from Hawaii where she received a M.S. in Marine Science from the Hawaii Pacific University in 2017. While in Hawaii she was the research facilities manager at the Center for Marine Debris Research where her interests focused on polymer identification and the quantification and characterization of marine debris.


Melissa studied plastics ingested by endangered Hawksbill sea turtles and surface plastics from the North Pacific Gyre in order to identify plastic hotspots and inform policy. She also worked with Hawaiian monk seals and sea turtles at Hawaii Marine Animal Response while completing her degree. With her years of experience working with the ocean, marine wildlife, and local communities, Mel is excited to share with people inland how their actions can help protect our ocean.


Curious Question: 

Is it possible to source where the plastic in the ocean is coming from? 


Join us and find out!


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