Building the Will for Change:

Climate Solutions 101


Climate Reality Project

Session & Speaker Overview

The science is clear. Solutions are emerging. Yet the public will for change lags. How can you help turn the tide?


In this session, Bill Keydel shares a simple, yet powerful, framework for climate action presentations. As a trained Climate Reality Leader, Bill shares tips for helping you make an engaging, inspiring and compelling case for climate change. 


The Climate Solutions 101 framework was developed by the Climate Reality Project and answers the questions: 

Must we change? Can we change? Will we change? 


The Climate Solutions 101 framework can be used when making a presentation or facilitating a conversation about climate change. The framework works for short or long sessions, with groups of all sizes and can be adjusted to fit the situation and audience. 


By integrating your story and your passion along with these three questions, you’ll have a solid foundation for being the voice of change. Bill shares six ways to make a difference using your vote, your voice and your actions. 


The Climate Reality Project was founded by Al Gore and now has over 20,000 Climate Reality Leaders in over 150 countries. 


Bill is a retired computer programmer who, through his life journey, has seen the realities of climate change and so decided to be a vocal part of the solution. Together we are so much more than the challenges we face. 


Bill Keydel is a Climate Reality Leader and serves as a volunteer Presentations Lead for the Denver-Boulder, CO Chapter of Climate Reality Project.


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