Know Before You Go Solar


Renewable Energy Owners Coalition of America

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Roz and Manny de Lizarriturri started the 501C4 the Renewable Energy Owners Coalition of America (REOCA) in October 2017.


In May 2017, Roz and Manny de Lizarriturri installed a solar system on their home in Pueblo, Colorado. A few months later, the couple received a letter from their electricity provider. The letter warned of a 83% rate increase on solar net-metered customers. Many solar customers still need energy from the grid and this increase would have made their investment questionable. The only way the electric utility could do this was by creating an entirely different rate class of solar customers.


Manny and Roz sprung into action, sent 1000 postcards to solar owners, and over 100 people attended their launch. REOCA joined other non-profits, sent letters, gave testimony to the PUC and Pueblo City Council. They met with Governor Hickenlooper expressing their concern and presented him with the Brookings Institute paper: Rooftop Solar: Net metering is a net benefit. 


The proposed rate was discriminatory and ultimately found to be illegal. 


REOCA.ORG now boasts over 70 dues paying members, over 300 advocates and a full- fledged organization with a 12 member Board of Directors.

Besides protecting rooftop solar, REOCA has found its niche by educating the public about the right way to go solar. 


Manny and Roz have been presenting a program called: Know Before You Go Solar, trying to empower the community to protect themselves from unscrupulous contractors who are flocking to our land of sunshine.



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