Climate and Sustainable Action on a Neighborhood Scale:

Community Organizing in North Denver


Northside Sustainability Alliance

Session & Speaker Overview

Expanding your network by building partnerships throughout the community could be the key to helping promote your agenda and taking on bigger challenges.


In Denver, 11 different neighborhoods have joined forces to promote smart growth and sustainability across the city's northwest side. The Northside Sustainability Alliance is utilizing community partnerships to connect business, schools and neighborhood organizations representing over 75,000 residents. From climate action to improving efforts like composting and electric vehicle charging, they are using a mix of cooperation with practical actions to create real change in their community & city.


Keith Meyer has been an attorney and community organizer for nearly 15 years. Having worked both as an environmental advocate and on the digital teams for two presidential campaigns, he's witnessed the power of well-organized passion. He has lobbied Congress on federal carbon pricing as well helped to design state and local energy policies. As a member of the Northside Sustainability Alliance steering team he's seen the power that trusted neighbor-to-neighbor connections can make to both educate and inform.


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  • Tree Planting video created by Northside Sustainability Alliance member, Amy Berglund



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