Denver Compost Challenge:

Neighbor-Led Composting Initiative


Congress Park Neighbors Green Team

Session & Speaker Overview

About half of the materials picked up from Denver residents bound for the landfill could instead be composted. Now, all addresses in Denver's service area (residences up to 7 dwellings) have access to the Denver Composts! program, but just over 10% have signed up for the weekly pick-up of the green composting cart. 


In this session, join Tara to hear how her idea took off and turned into a citywide compost challenge. 

During the 2019 Denver Compost Challenge (April through November), the Denver Composts program gained 4,203 subscribers. Thanks to all the individuals and organizations that helped make this happen. We look forward to even more in 2020!


Now in its second year, the Denver Compost Challenge is a joint initiative with neighbors, Denver Recycles, Denver Sustainable Neighborhoods and Eco-Cycle. 


Tune in to find out how to get involved with the Denver Compost Challenge and how you can help get more composting going, no matter where you live!


Curiosity Questions:

  • What are the top myths that make people think they can't compost when they actually can? 
  • Where does the compost go that's collected in Denver?  



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