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Take action for climate justice!

Help us fund 1,000 trees by April 30, 2021


We are now up to 340 trees, thanks to Bill, Chiwah, Darlene, Elizabeth, Kai, Karen, Karine, Koren, Laurie, Lynnette, May, Noreen, Paul, Shaina, Sharnon, Stacey, and Victoria!

340 / 1000 (April 14, 2021)

2 Books & 20 Trees


Available now through April 30, 2021 

Climate Action Challenge Book & Workbook

Book and Workbook

Instantly download the Climate Action Challenge Book & Workbook!

Have you ever wondered why you can't get people interested in making changes that are so urgent and so important?


You're not alone. I spent decades making mistakes, and sadly, see these mistakes happening every day. But, it doesn't have to be that way!


The Climate Action Challenge book presents best practices for launching a community or environmental initiative in 90 days. It's packed with engaging stories, often-overlooked key principles, and step-by-step guidance for making a difference. 


The digital workbook provides an easy way for you to complete the weekly exercises so you can discover what's important to you and your community, find partners to help you, and build an annual plan. 


Avoid wasting years or decades, and make an impact fast.  Purchase the book and workbook and download instantly!

20 Trees Planted On Your Behalf

Mabinju Power House Youth Group

We'll make a $20 contribution to plant 20 trees in Kenya!


The Mabinju Power House Youth Group formed in January 2020. During the 90-day 2020 International Climate Action Challenge, their team planted 30,000 tree seedlings that they grew from seed.


They really are a power house! Help us support them in their efforts to plant one million trees in Siaya County, Kenya. 


The team grows and plants several varieties of trees, including indigenous varieties. Their success is based on their strategy of working with widows and youth one village at a time. Trees provide benefits of shade, food, climate, and soil improvements, and opportunities for new livelihoods by growing and caring for trees. 


With your purchase of the Books and Trees Bundle, we will contribute $20 to the Mabinju Power House Youth Group on your behalf so they can plant 20 tree seedlings. 

ONLY $39

Now through April 30, 2021

Help us meet our goal of funding the planting of 1,000 trees with 

Mabinju Power House Youth Group

by April 30, 2021!


1000 Tree Challenge
Planting with school kids
Training school kids about tree growing
Training women about the benefits of trees
Training women about tree planting
Growing tree seedlings from seed
Transporting seedlings for planting
Mabinju Team Members: Peter, Geofrey, Elly
Planting whispering pine tree
Training school kids

What People Are Saying About the Book


Climate Action Challenge Book Review
Climate Action Challenge Book Review
Climate Action Challenge Book Review
Climate Action Challenge Book Review
Climate Action Challenge Book Review
Climate Action Challenge Book Review
Climate Action Challenge Book Review
Climate Action Challenge Book Review
Climate Action Challenge Book Review

Here's What You Get


Books and Trees Bundle

Help us meet our goal of raising of planting and caring for 1,000 trees!


Earth Week Special Limited-Time Offer includes... 


Instantly download the

  • Climate Action Challenge digital book & 
  • Climate Action Challenge digital workbook

Value: $39.98

Regular Price: $24.95


Contribution to Mabinju Power House Youth Group to:

  • Plant and care for 20 trees on your behalf in Kenya
  • Support young people leading climate mitigation and community empowerment

Contribution: $20


Note: Green Team Academy is donating the processing and transfer fees so your entire $20 goes to the Mabinju team.

Make an investment in climate justice by supporting

our work, your work, and the work of the Mabinju team in Kenya.


Take action now and #BeTheChange!


VALUE: Priceless!


Summit Special Price 

ONLY $39


Expires April 30, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions


Where are the trees planted?

The trees are being planted on your behalf in Siaya County, in Eastern Kenya. 


How do I get my books? 

Instantly download your books after purchase. 


Can I tell my network about this opportunity?

Yes, please!


Can I gift my Books and Trees Bundle to someone else? 

Sure thing! Email with name and email of recipient after purchase and we'll take care of it.