Love For All:

The Many Costs of Animal Agriculture and How to Help


Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary

Session Overview

What is the connection between animal agriculture and environmental degradation? In this session, Alexis Miller, with Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary presents the ways that animal agriculture contributes to climate change, ocean pollution, deforestation and other environmental issues and what we can do to help. 


Alexis presents the simple solutions that anyone and everyone can adopt into their daily lives for the betterment of people, animals and the environment. Alexis also shares the many ways to get involved with the mission of Luvin Arms, based in Erie, Colorado. 


Luvin Arms works to grow a farmed animal sanctuary that connects community through compassion. The sanctuary is a place of refuge for abused or neglected farmed animals. Rescued residents include cows, pigs, turkeys, chickens, horses, goats, sheep, ducks, and a llama. Tours are typically offered April through November to give visitors a chance to connect with the residents 1-1 to get to know the unique individuals that they are. 


Speaker Bio

In her role as Education and Outreach Manager at Luvin Arms, Alexis gets to live her passion of helping humans develop empathy and understanding for non humans in order to create a kinder world for all. 


Alexis lives with her fur baby in an animal sanctuary co-op with 10 other humans and 11 non human animals, where there is a practice of intentional living. Before her life in sanctuary work, Alexis used her Masters of Arts in Teaching to help youth express themselves through art, which she still loves to do any chance she gets.



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